MMSI Advantage

You deliver outstanding medical care. You treat your patients with compassion and thoughtfulness. And you manage your office as efficiently as possible. Now it's time to perfect your practice with Medical Management Solutions, Inc. We have a single, overriding focus—to create billing solutions that fit you perfectly. And with more than two decades of success, combined with a hands-on, always-a-step-ahead approach, you'll have a partner that's more prepared, more trusted, and more committed to increasing your revenue. And only MMSI has the talent and dedication to offer our promise to work on-site with you—for as long as it takes—to create the perfect billing process.


We understand your potential misgivings about sharing private information with an outside vendor. That's why, for us, HIPAA compliance is nothing less than a round-the-clock priority. Thanks to our seamless procedures and standards, you can be certain that your Protected Health Information (PHI) will remain protected. From our airtight infrastructure and aggressive double-checks and a clean desk approach, we go above and beyond to deliver not just compliance but assurance. Of course, we also consistently update our employees through HIPAA training and we conduct rigorous audits of our systems and procedures.

Security At Every Turn

  • Clean desk procedures
  • Strictly limited access to printers
  • Aggressive paper shredding policies
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Highly secure infrastructure


Aggressive Control Systems

  • Powerful firewalls
  • Virus-rejecting software
  • Tightly-controlled ID access


Constant Monitoring

  • Firewall log reviews
  • Frequent network and security audits


“From Day 1, the high level of competency was obvious and MMSI's knowledge of billing was exemplary. There was something about the way they do business that inspired confidence. ”
- DIANNE HENSLEY | CEO, Dominion Behavioral Health