DIANNE HENSLEY | CEO, Dominion Behavioral Health, VA

When asked to characterize her practice's experience with Medical Management Solutions, Inc. (MMSI), Dianne Hensley, CEO of Dominion Behavioral Health in Richmond, doesn't hesitate. "Working with MMSI was extremely positive from the very beginning. They have been very professional, highly responsive and they've integrated the billing system into our practice very well."

And while Hensley speaks confidently of her practice's billing system today (thanks to MMSI), things weren't always so great. In 2012, Dominion Behavioral Health (DBH), which has 24 associates, had switched to an electronic records system, which included a billing package that could be managed in house. Quite simply, Hensley says, they couldn't keep up and, perhaps even more seriously, the practice was losing money. A year later they hired an outside billing company, an experience Hensley politely described as "very challenging." Finally, after consulting with other healthcare professionals, she was referred to MMSI.

"From Day 1, the high level of competency was obvious and MMSI's knowledge of billing was exemplary," she says, "There was something about the way they do business that inspired confidence."

Something else occurred almost immediately— revenue went up. Hensley attributes the revenue jump to MMSI's exceptional thoroughness and their aggressive follow up on denials. She was also impressed with MMSI's responsiveness, collaboration and willingness to come on site to work hand-in-hand with the staff at DBH.

"MMSI was very involved in the training of our staff to make sure the billing system was fully integrated," she says. And when it came time to convert the practice to ICD-10, she says, "MMSI helped us tremendously to make the transition seamless. MMSI bends over backward to work with me and my staff. I really can't ask for anything more."

When asked about the specific improvements to DBH's practice, she lists three big ones:

  • A significant increase in revenue
  • Keeping the practice ahead of changes to billing procedures (rather than reacting to changes)
  • The rewards of collaboration

"I would highly recommend MMSI," Hensley says, "Working with them has positively impacted our business. Beyond a doubt."

SHAUNDELLE JOHNSON  | Office Manager, East End Pediatrics, VA

The fact that East End Pediatrics in Richmond, VA, has been working continuously with Medical Management Solutions, Inc. since 2001 is impressive on its own. But that's only half the story, says office manager Shaundelle Johnson.

"Their personal service is just as good today as it was 15 years ago," she says. "It's always been a great relationship."

In a world where winning business is often more important than keeping it, Johnson's assessment is remarkably rare, especially when she adds, "There has never been a falloff in service, even when they've brought new employees on board."

When asked what makes MMSI superior, she says the company's "Concierge service" is the differentiator. "There's always a manager available. And they're never bothered by a question,” Johnson says.

Like so many other MMSI partners, Johnson credits MMSI's open and effective communication.

"They have a very hands-on and personal approach. And I can always go back and communicate."

She's also impressed with MMSI thoroughness. "They finish what they start and they follow through to the end." This is especially important when tracking down Accounts Receivable and addressing insurance company denials, both of which are major sources of revenue loss for medical practices.

Johnson is delighted with the practice's collection rate and credits MMSI with their financial success.

Would she recommend MMSI? 

"I already do," Johnson says, "They're detail-oriented. Always striving to improve our system and our coding. It's an excellent company."

Finally, when asked what to look for in a billing partners, she says to look at their references and credentials, look for client loyalty, and most importantly, make sure they're well-educated. "You can get anybody to do your billing. But you want good results."

And after more than 15 years, good results is precisely what East End Pediatrics is getting from MSSI.

KAREN MCNERNEY  | Practice Administrator, Paragon Pain, TX


That's Karen McNerney's simple description of her practice's experience with Medical Management Solutions Inc.

McNerney is the practice administrator at Paragon Pain in Dallas, TX, whose two doctors and three mid-levels provide Physical Medicine, Sports Medicine and Pain Management. And "awesome" is hardly the word she uses to describe her experience with other billing companies.

"We've been through multiple billing companies, but once I found MMSI I knew they were the right fit for us."

Other companies struggled with services as simple as filing claims correctly. "Just basic information you should know, the other companies didn't have a grasp on," she says. One firm was let go after just 13 days.

As for MMSI, she credits the company's strong communication skills, aggressive appeals process and overall depth of knowledge as key differentiators.

Further, she's been impressed with the high reimbursement levels delivered by MMSI, the quality of the company's personnel, the work ethic and the overall effectiveness of its billing system.

When asked about Top Billing, MMSI's promise to work on-site until everyone in a practice is comfortable with the billing system, she said there was no need for that at Paragon. Because the communication between MMSI and Paragon is so thorough and transparent, she says, everything is handled easily with emails and scans. "They're available all the time," she says.

As for advice she'd give a practice seeking a billing company, McNerney says it's essential to find a company that communicates well, is responsive, files claims quickly and accurately, and shares information in an open and accessible way — all areas of strength for MMSI.  "In these regards, MMSI is incredibly effective," she said.

Finally, when asked if she would recommend MMSI, McNerney says,

"It would be the best decision you can make for your practice." 


“From Day 1, the high level of competency was obvious and MMSI's knowledge of billing was exemplary. There was something about the way they do business that inspired confidence. ”
- DIANNE HENSLEY | CEO, Dominion Behavioral Health