Medical Management Solutions, Inc. (MMSI) offers healthcare providers cutting-edge physician management services with a unique combination of professional medical billing expertise and web-based technology systems. We specialize in providing every client customized accounts receivable solutions.

MMSI provides outsourced medical billing services for physician groups across different regions and specialties including Mental Health, Family Practice, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Ear Nose & Throat, Dermatology, Orthopedics, Pain and Plastic Surgery, just to name a few. We're headquartered in Richmond, Virginia with easy access to any location within the United States.


MMSI also offers credentialing services which you can use independent of a billing contract. Save time, money and staff resources by utilzing the fast and efficient credentialing experts at MMSI. Call 804-355-9963 or for more information. 



MMSI's comprehensive medical billing services make us more prepared than other billing specialists to accelerate payments, lower your costs, make you more compliant, improve your patient services and, ultimately increase your revenue. Because we work closely with you (on-site training, if necessary), we understand your challenges clearly and can make adjustments seamlessly. We're also experienced at analyzing Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and claims, and we act swiftly to recover your revenue.

What We Do

  • Entry of patient demographics
  • Charge entry
  • Payment posting
  • Transmission of claims
  • Accounts receivable and claims follow-up


Why Work with MMSI

  • More than 20 years of success and growth
  • Customized solutions (no off-the-shelf plans)
  • On-site training and assistance until you're completely comfortable with your billing service
  • We handle all patient calls and submit & check all claims
  • Processes to catch and prevent costly upfront errors
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Fluid integration of your new billing system
  • Highly secure treatment of data
  • Certified coders and billing experts on staff

Maximize Your Revenue

Accounts Receivable—especially AR that languish on your books—are simply unacceptable. And no other company collects them with more urgency and expertise than MMSI. Our highly experienced team is skilled at recovering uncollected revenue.

Denial Management

Addressing claim denials is perhaps that most exhausting and frustrating part of managing your billing. When managed correctly, however, it can also be a tremendous boost to your bottom line. At MMSI, we're fully prepared and highly motivated to both decrease the number of denials your practice receives and increase the rate at which denials get paid. We have the experience, the process and, perhaps most importantly, the dedication of time and energy to deal with denials in an efficient and productive way.


“Their personal service is just as good today as it was 15 years ago. It's always been a great relationship.”