MMSI offers credentialing

November 15, 2017

It’s simple. The more insurance companies you’re credentialed with, the bigger your potential pool of patients becomes. Unfortunately, it also means you have to engage in the time-consuming and mind-numbing process of filling out applications that can often be more than 30 pages long. 

That’s where MMSI comes in. We bring the same level of professionalism, accuracy and peerless dedication to credentialing your practice as we do to all the other services we provide.

We’re fully prepared to work with any kind speciality and for practices of all sizes. We’ll take care of enrolling you in any kind of insurance network, whether it’s Medicare, Medicaid or commercial insurance companies. And we’ll closely monitor your status even after you’re credentialed to maintain — and insure — your affiliation with every insurance company.

We’ll also happily help you track deadlines, stay on top of renewal and expiration dates, or meet any other re-credentialing need. In other words, MMSI will take care of every aspect of credentialing so you can take care of what matters most — caring for patients. 

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“From Day 1, the high level of competency was obvious and MMSI's knowledge of billing was exemplary. There was something about the way they do business that inspired confidence. ”
- DIANNE HENSLEY | CEO, Dominion Behavioral Health